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Patient charter

Littlefield endeavours to provide excellent care to all our patients but to forge a good patient/doctor relationship we expect our patients to show commitment and responsibility towards their own health and wellbeing. Therefore we have developed our patient charter which outlines what we offer our population and what we expect in return.

Out of Hours

Between 8:00am and 6:30 pm a Doctor is always available for emergency telephone consultations.

For any emergencies outside those hours, patients should still telephone the surgery and a recorded message will provide the Emergency Centre telephone number who should be contacted for advice. Please be aware that your telephone call may be recorded.

If a consultation is necessary, Patients will be expected to attend the centre. A home visit will only be made based on the medical need, at the Doctors on duty discretion.

Your responsibilities to us are...

  • Between the hours of 8:00 am and 6:30pm: to seek advice as early as possible so that appropriate action can be taken.
  • Outside those hours: to confine requests for night visits to complaints that really cannot wait until the following day
  • Not to request a visit unless the Patient is too ill to be brought into Surgery.

Telephone Access

Between the Surgery times, a Doctor will be available for emergency consultations and telephone advice. Calls will be answered and dealt with as quickly as possible during normal working hours. When the surgery is closed and in case of emergency, a recorded message will tell you the number to call to contact the Doctor on duty.

Your responsibilities to us are...

  • To remain patient and keep call as brief as possible.
  • To avoid call at peak times (surgery times) for non-urgent matters.

Repeat Prescriptions

You may request medication by post, in person, online or over the telephone. Please allow 24 hours’ notice for telephone/personal orders and 48 hours’ notice for online orders. For postal requests please enclose a stamped addressed envelope.

Your responsibilities to us are...

  • To order repeat medication in good time and allow reasonable notice for the prescription to be processed.
  • To attend Surgery for your medication review when you are requested

Confidentiality and Access to Records

All staff in the Practice are bound to maintain Patient confidentiality. Any proven breach will be treated extremely seriously. Confidentiality also extends to family members, therefore medical information relating to you will not be divulged to a family member without your written consent.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1984 and the Access to Medical Records Act 1990 - Patients may request to see their medical records. Notice must be given, by appointment, and an administration may be involved. No information will ever be released without you prior consent unless we are legally obliged to do so.

The Practice is registered with the Data Protection Agency.

Your responsibilities to us are...

  • To ensure that your written consent accompanies any request you have authorised for medical information.
  • Not to expect the staff to provide results or other information to members of the family without a formal consent

Non Discrimination

Patients should expect to be treated with respect and courtesy to all members of the Practice.

Your responsibilities to us are...

  • To afford the same level of respect and courtesy to all members of the Practice.
  • To recognise that verbal or physical abuse will not be tolerated.

Contract of Care

The care of our Patient is fundamental to the Service we provide and it should be recognised that the Patient has a responsibility in part for his or her own well-being. We may prescribe treatment to aid a particular complaint or condition and may make recommendation to changes and/or modifications in lifestyle to promote the Patient's well-being.

Your responsibilities to us are...

  • To comply with any treatment recommended or prescribed.
  • To try to live as healthy a lifestyle as possible and ask for help and advice if necessary.