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Meet the team


  • Dr Keith Collett (Guy's 1977, MBBS, MRCS, MRCP, FRCGP, DRCOG )
    • Dr Collett has been a partner since 1983. He has been a GP VTS Trainer since 1986, a VTS Course Organiser from 1989-1994 and GP CME Tutor since 1991. Dr Collett successfully achieved the Royal College of General Practitioners Fellowship by Assessment in 1997.
  • Dr Sanjay Chauhan (Manchester 1987, MBChB, FRCGP, DCH, DGM)
    • Dr Chauhan has been a partner since 1993. Dr Chauhan has also achieved the Fellowship by Assessment award. He has been a GP VTS Trainer since June 2000.
  • Dr Elizabeth Zoon (Arts Examen, 1989, Rotterdam, MRCOG1)
  • Dr Nathalie Dukes (Arts Examen 2000, Ms.Sc, DRCOG 2005, MRCGP 2008)


  • Mercedes Mello-Jenkins (Business Manager)
  • Vicki Peterson (Operational Manager / Healthy Eating Advisor)

Reception Staff

  • Caroline Davis (Reception Supervisor)
  • Michelle Gibney (Reception Supervisor)
  • Julie Warrener
  • Theresa Richardson
  • Courtney Dennis
  • Bryony Ravenscroft
  • Bethany Sparkes

Practice Nurses

  • Lucy Wraith
  • Caron Evison
  • Stacey Graves
  • Theresa Halligan

Health Care Assistant

  • Ashleigh Smith (Training Nursing Associate)
  • Robyn Wilks

Mental Health Nurses

  • Wendy Foster